We stopped complaining.

We started looking for solutions, simple ones.

We found ideas, and some worked pretty well for us.

And we hope they will for you, too.

We came together as a team to create simple and elegant digital experiences that would make life easier for everyone.

More than the designers and developers we already were, we wanted to become problem solvers- we wanted to create useful and inexpensive solutions that could be used by everyone. That’s when the idea of idealaya struck us. It would be refuge from boredom, our creative ideas would be executed there.

Our solutions are simple and smart and they work. We love what our solutions can do and we are pretty sure you will too.

It all begins with an idea. Got some? Let’s talk…

Idealaya Ltd

29 Bullens Green Lane,
Colney Heath,
St Albans,
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 3286 6194
Email: hello@idealaya.co.uk